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EFFECTO, a company specializing in the processes and processes of wood processing plants, faces several challenges for its marketing. The wood processing industry in Quebec lags far behind in optimizing processes through digital technology, which requires in-depth education of sawyer customers and lengthens the purchasing cycle.

View of Lainco's website on a laptop and cellphone
Digital marketing, Training and marketing, Website


Lainco is a company specializing in the design of structural steel buildings. His expertise lies mainly in the realization of complex projects. The mandate consisted in redesigning the website for the American market of Lainco in order to improve its design and its online presence. The previous site was very poorly adapted to new technologies and did not meet the expectations of the company's management and customers. The content was outdated and had not been updated for several years.

View of Datahex' website on a laptop and cellphone


Datahex markets software to help food companies adopt internationally recognized food safety standards. The Datahex team commissioned Parkour3 to modernize its website and help generate business opportunities through targeted media placement and digital marketing.

View of Proceco on a laptop and cellphone
Digital marketing, HubSpot, Website


As part of Proceco's digital transformation, the Parkour3 agency was commissioned to completely redesign their website using HubSpot's Marketing Hub and CMS Hub solutions.

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HubSpot, Training and marketing, Website

ETI Converting

For over 20 years, ETI Converting has been providing the equipment and solutions label printers and converters need to design and manufacture cutting-edge products that stand out from the crowd.

What we do

We support and guide our clients to better invest in the digital transformation of their sales and marketing teams. We generate growth.

Get an effective and efficient showcase on the Web.

Increase your online sales and acquire new customers.

Boost the potential of your current and potential clients.

Create and launch your inbound marketing strategy with HubSpot.

Increase your autonomy with a personalized and customized program.

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Access our expertise to meet your objectives


  • - Market / Market and competition analysis
  • - Ecosystem / Analyzing digital presence
  • - User experience / Defining personas and UI/UX ergonomics
  • - Strategy / Planning and recommendations

Market / Ecosystem / User experience / Strategy

Planning actions based on consumer and business needs is a crucial step. The projection stage allows us to visualize the next strategic steps. Our goal: to define and reach your business goals by establishing the means to achieve them together.

Market / Market and competition analysis

Studying market trends and competition allows us to establish and identify the best practices currently in use. This analysis can also be used to uncover new business opportunities for our clients.

Ecosystem / Analyzing digital presence

By conducting a digital footprint analysis of your business, we can outline a portrait of your positioning and your digital influence. This analysis includes:

Establishing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as any threats to your brand
Proactive definition of goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Measuring analytical and behavioral data
Evaluating paid and organic indexing
Analyzing your presence on social networks

User experience / Defining personas and ergonomics

Defining personas

Personas are semi-fictive profiles that represent the different types of users for your site. They help us to understand the requirements of your users and specify their context of use. These profiles allow you to properly respond to the needs of different client profiles efficiently and to offer a personalized approach that meets the needs of all customer types.


Designing interfaces that offer an optimal user experience and that increase the level of satisfaction when it comes to usability. We emphasize having an excellent understanding of end-user profiles to better serve their needs, habits, and types of browsing behavior.

Strategy / Planning and recommendations

Strategic analysis is the starting point of the digital solution design process. The result is a list of observation-based recommendations that optimize the browsing experience of visitors through the use of key actions from acquisition to conversion.

This list of recommendations also includes definitions of performance indicators and technological, functional, and strategic recommendations. They allow us to identify the needs of your organization regarding digital solutions and online presence.


  • - Wireframes / Creating working wireframes
  • - Design / Artistic direction and web design
  • - Production / Technological development
  • - Management / Project management and quality assurance

Wireframes / Design / Production / Management

Creativity is the core of our agency’s expertise and it is propelled by creating digital solutions that are adapted to the business realties of each of our clients. Based on solid technological foundations and buoyed by an understanding of users that are in perpetual movement, our projects are rolled out with careful consideration for digital sustainability.

Wireframes / Creating working wireframes

Designing your interface requires the production of working models. They are the primary visual representation of your interface. The solutions we propose use recommendations and ergonomic best practices to ensure that your brand completely satisfies the requirements of your users.

Design / Artistic direction and web design

This is where artistic direction comes into play, allowing you to meet the creative expectations of your brand and it provides the opportunity to create a validated creative concept. Designers are tasked with creating the essential static and animated elements for the programmers.

Production / Technological development

Our development service is the technical and creative hub of our agency.

We take a personalized approach to the development of custom digital solutions that are based on the needs and goals of each of our clients as well as the expectations of their own clients. To accomplish this, our development process is based on a thorough analysis of the functions required by your clients. Our experts are ready to provide you with the best-adapted solution through the use of various content management tools and development frameworks.

Management / Project management and quality assurance

Our project management methodology is based on five fundamental values no matter the size of your mandate: teamwork, availability, structure, organization, precision, and transparency. Delivering projects on time within your budget is our priority. We believe in respecting the expectations and needs of our clients as if they were our own.

In line with our methodology, our standardized quality assurance work is carried out throughout the production process, from design to completion of the development cycle, through a continuous deployment of audits and tests that ensure product excellence.


  • - Measurement / Web performance optimization
  • - Visibility / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • - Online advertising / Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

Measurement / Visibility / Online advertising

We assist you in measuring and optimizing your return on investment.

Digital performance management allows us to generate sustainable results with high added value for your company.

Measurement / Web performance optimization

Optimizing the return on investment (ROI) of a website should be a core priority for all businesses. Three months after your website has launched, we provide integrated web performance services that allow you to measure results and ensure that it harmonizes with your business objectives.
Configuration, analysis, reports, and personalized dashboards are all essential parts of the broad range of services we offer.

Visibility / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO strategy consists of optimizing a website in order to promote its positioning in the organic results of search engines (mainly Google). The ultimate goal is to generate a greater volume of qualified organic traffic to your site in order to better convert visitors into potential customers.

Online advertising / Advertising

Paid search, display, remarketing and account-based marketing campaigns are just a few examples of SEM and SMM strategies offered by our consultants and strategists. Feel free to reach out to us for any kind of advertising challenge, we’ll be happy to assist or train you in any way we can.

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