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These courses are intended for directors, coordinators in marketing and communications.

Content creation

This training aims to present the various possible formats and content repurposing. For each of them, we explore the best practices for content creation, the preferred contexts, and the types and categories to prioritize according to the creative contexts. We make the audience aware of existing content that can be used in a marketing context. Often, we have the impression that we are starting from scratch when, on the contrary, in our internal and external communications, we have all the opportunities available in content creation.


This course explores best practices in copywriting. We analyze digital marketing writing in all its facets: the web page, the blog article, the newsletter, the publication of posts, the downloadable brochures and the online presentations. The goal is to equip the audience to simplify the verification, correction and evaluation of textual content to be shared.

Email Marketing

During the training on email marketing, we demystify several strategic elements: automation, tools, good and bad practices and the importance of good segmentation. We review several creative models to prioritize when planning and developing a strategy, as well as analyzing its performance.

Preparing a website redesign

This training course explains how to proceed with the preparation of a website redesign. We present several tactics to facilitate the creation of the structure, the tree structure, the management of metas, the contents to be planned and the functionalities to be considered. We propose a simple and effective process to identify your needs in relation to the next website, to set up a request for proposals or a call for tenders that will allow you to reach your objectives and avoid disappointments, unpleasant surprises and unforeseen events.

Thematic groups

Many companies choose to help their audiences by offering a lot of information on their Web sites. In this training, we present strategies related to the development and structure of this content, from the tree structure to the fundamental and main pages. We explore tactics for collecting lead data, call-to-actions, internal links and various categories of “pillar pages”.

Building authority

Regardless of the industry, one of the most effective digital marketing tactics is “authority building”. In this training, we present strategies to build authority in your industry. We propose participation in discussion groups, sharing of expert content, guest blogging and link building, an approach aimed at building a network of inbound links, links relevant to the targeted sectors that redirect a qualified audience to your website.

Business models: the Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a tool to be updated periodically, a starting point for all forms of business and digital marketing strategies. During the training on the BMC, we present the approach recommended for the development of the model and its usefulness. Among other things, it is used at the strategic level to develop hypotheses related to digital strategy, the tests that allow us to verify our hypotheses, the learnings related to our tests, the current revisions to be made to the BMC and the adoption of the tool by the company.


For this training, we emphasize the importance of the persona creation process, which aims to better understand who we are addressing. Their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, characteristics, preferences and particularities. We propose to equip the company with methods to develop and validate personas (questionnaires, interviews, forms and analysis grids), starting with the ideal customer profiles. It is a tool that validates your choices in creating web content and social media, which will determine the content to propose at the right time, to the right person, with the right tone.

The JTBD method and innovation

This training presents a unique approach to positioning the company within its digital strategy. We learn about the “job theory”, the jtbd (jobs-to-be-done): the principle being that we “hire” certain products, services, companies, to accomplish tasks (jobs) to be done in a specific context. In addition, we analyze three types of innovations applicable to all forms of industries, the challenges we must overcome when competing with non-consumption or luck.

Search engines and advertising

How does Google Ads work? What structure and what possibilities?

The objective of this training is to teach you how to create an advertising campaign that will aim to generate conversions on your website. In addition, you will learn how to measure your return on investment according to your business objectives.

At the end of the Google Ads training you will be able to :

  • Choose keywords and configure them in a relevant way
  • Write advertisements
  • Choose the different possible advertising channels

SEO optimization

Even though we are all exposed to advertisements, even though we are all users of search engines, we don’t necessarily know how they work, how they are structured, what opportunities are available at these levels. Through the training on search engines and digital advertising, we dissect the two spheres in order to better understand the opportunities available to us. We present several accessible strategies to consider in order to stimulate the growth of the company.


Efficiency, productivity, and accuracy are all important issues for small and large businesses alike. In digital marketing, with the right tools, we can simplify laborious and complex processes through automation. In this training, we present the basic principles, the current integrations, the available tools and the various platforms used to simplify our strategies.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a remarkable search engine optimization tool for local businesses, a gateway too often taken lightly. In this training, we share best practices for using it as a useful tool for reputation management, engaging with potential customers, promoting the website, products and services, achievements, business hours or any other important information about the business. We detail all the features and discuss the upcoming news.

Social Media

With social media training, tips, best practices, strategies to prioritize for each of the following platforms are shared: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whether it’s about customer testimonials, achievements, surveys, news, tips or other types of content to publish, we all have the blank page syndrome, the lack of inspiration at times. We come to stimulate the participants by demystifying the functionalities and the particularities of the proposed platforms.

Performance Analysis

For the performance analysis training, we explore the challenges related to performance measurement. We all aim to take initiatives related to sales or business development through advertising, email marketing or content creation on social media, but in this training, we look at analyzing metrics, goals, creating key performance indicators, developing SMART goals, events and conversions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides insights into your digital marketing activities and is essential to building a successful online presence. In this training, we come to discover how this tool can provide you with more than just an understanding of your website traffic and data, but also the results in your marketing campaigns.

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