HubSpot Implementation and Support

Deploy your inbound marketing strategy with HubSpot software.

To accelerate your growth, we help you get the most out of the HubSpot software solution.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing, sales and service software that supports businesses on several levels: visitor attraction, lead conversion and customer retention.

We support and guide our customers to better invest in the digital transformation of their sales and marketing departments.

Our goal: To make our clients more autonomous in the development and execution of their strategies.

We are a HubSpot Diamond certified partner ! With over 50 HubSpot certifications under our belt, we are one of the most certified agencies in Canada and the only agency in Canada to hold the Advanced CMS Implementation certification.

« Expert team, available, attentive and very good at explaining things! A true partner. »

« Amazing! The team members are very knowledgeable about the different tools/functions and are able to guide the client through the process of becoming familiar with the CRM. »

Élise Paul-hus
Director of strategy and consulting

« Great service from Parkour3! »

« I have only good comments to say about the Parkour3 team in their support to help us implement a marketing strategy with HubSpot. Attentive, available and efficient team. I highly recommend them! »

Guillaume Fortin

« The Right Partner for HubSpot Implementation »

« Parkour3 is helping us with implementing and customizing HubSpot. The team is proactive, actionable, technically knowledgeable and creative. They have been able to customize our lead flow, as well as take marketing metrics to a new level that allows for better visibility for all types of lead source data, including external lists. All while leveraging how HubSpot is built, so that your marketing dashboard can go beyond the out of the box reporting capabilities. »

Tina Blais
Marketing Coordinator

« I would highly suggest Parkour3 to anyone looking to work with a HubSpot Partner. »

« I have had the privilege to work with Parkour3 for the last 2 years. Over those years Parkour3 has shown tremendous potential and takes pride in being a HubSpot partner, which shows through all the certifications and training that have successfully taken. They have become an essential partner through their dedication to their customers and show huge potential to become one of our top partners in Canada. They offer all services in our collection of our products (Marketing, Sales, Services and CMS) and I would highly suggest Parkour3 to anyone looking to work with a HubSpot Partner.»

Taylor Swasey
Senior Channel Account Manager

« A reliable partner to implement marketing automation and provide creative content. »

« Parkour3 is a creative yet very well organized partner that helped us build an Inbound Marketing strategy and introduced us to HubSpot for first, simple marketing automation sequences. Over the last year we have added several layers of additional functionalities in HubSpot and on our website with their knowledge of HubSpot. And it is not only about Marketing, Parkour3 also helped aligning sales people in how to win clients and successfully use new content. It is an ongoing and very interesting journey for us at Impack, we are looking forward to optimizing our Marketing and Sales efforts more and more. I am glad that we have such a reliable partner on our side. »

Stefan B.
IMPACK Packaging

« Excellent resource for getting started with HubSpot. »

« It’s very helpful to be able to talk to someone who knows HubSpot inside and out, and who can give me actionable items for improving my integration. We will likely continue using Parkour3 for ongoing improvement of our platform and HubSpot usage. »

Aliki C.

” A unique and tailored approach to our real needs guaranteed to succeed. “

” Parkour3 excelled at understanding who we are as a company and what we needed exactly at every step of the way. From a very responsive activity as a HubSpot partner that allowed me to choose the right product and benefit from an interesting pricing scheme to working alongside with me on tight deadlines, I haven’t had a single moment where I was not able to count on them. Their expertise both technical and practical for business is outstanding and little have I used HubSpot support since I have their answers – fast. They also work proactively anticipating our needs and communication, a crucial element for a migration project has been right on spot. Finally, their responsiveness to not only me but any member of my team has been an invaluable asset to succeed within a month to keep business-as-usual and focus on Marketing Strategy knowing the HubSpot platform is up and running, even better than what we had before with our previous system. “

Ian M.
BIM Track

” Always there to help. “

” We had a great experience with Parkour3 and their team Marie-Josee and Jeffrey. They were very accommodating and helped us with our CRM migration to make it as painless as possible. Often enough going above and beyond to help us find the solution to our problems. I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking to successfully implement Hubspot in their company. “

Sergio N.
Kangaroo Rewards

"Amazing service, action oriented and very knowledgeable."

"Parkour3 helped us do a complete audit of our CRM. They found many opportunities to optimize our use of HubSpot, changing properties and creating automations along the way. Every session, they managed to make changes on the spot and in no time afterwards to make sure we got the most of all recommendations rapidly. Even though we believe are a team of skilled sales managers, they have helped bring us to the next level. Do not underestimate what they can do for you. Thanks Parkour!"

Max Trudel
Sales and Operations VP

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