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Website redesign, branding and digital marketing


MANDATE consists of an e-commerce website and application offering a price comparison tool, a social media platform providing easy-to-understand solutions for building, renovating and decorating projects, aimed primarily at individuals and small businesses, as well as an online boutique selling decorating items, woodworking tools and clothing. The mandate consists of creating Képup’s digital ecosystem. It will involve developing the company’s brand image and the message conveyed to visitors. Képup will establish itself as a social media reference, with attention to detail and a user experience-oriented website.


  • Develop a comparator with an algorithm that calculates the most economical supplier for a given order;
  • Create and populate a centralized database with relevant information about users;
  • Establish itself as a reference social media site;
  • Create relevant blog content;
  • Launch an online store (drop shipping) and link strategy with the comparator;
  • Generate traffic to the product comparator and the site as a whole.
  • Create & develop the brand identity and image