A winning merger!

September 17, 2013

The news was out a few months ago, but the merger between K3 Media and Revolver3 still has people talking in the web industry as well as in the SMEs community. This time, it was in “La Presse Affaires” that we addressed the topic of the story behind the merger.

Discover the complete article (in French only) on the website of La Presse and stay tuned to discover K3+R3’s new brand image coming this fall!

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K3+R3 presents 3 new projects!

August 05, 2013

K3+R3 is glad to announce three major online releases in the last month including a website redesign, a mobile website and an e-commerce platform. These projects gave the team a great opportunity to put its multiple expertises to good use and to work with clients evolving in a variety of business fields.
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11 years later

July 04, 2013

This year the team got bigger, welcomed a dragon, merged and even grew a little more. Therefore, it was on a positive note that the, bigger than ever, K3 Media + Revolver 3 family got together to celebrate its 11th year of existence at the Esterel Resort in L’Esterel, as you probably guessed.
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Are You Ready for Comiccon Montreal ?

June 18, 2013

Notice to all comics and science fiction fans, Comiccon Montreal is back! For the occasion, the organization mandated K3 to redesign the website and create a more user-friendly experience. Therefore, to make sure fans get the most from their visits to the website, the focus was placed on what matters the most to them: the guests.
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Develop your keyboard skills thanks to Typing Pal

June 11, 2013

Druide informatique is a company specializing in the design and marketing of software mostly known for the famous writing assistance software Antidote. As part of Druide’s plan to redesign its multiple websites, K3 Media was glad to create a new version of Typing Pal’s website, the popular keyboard mastering software.
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