From Google Analytics to Universal Analytics: A new era for web analytics

May 07, 2014

Since April 2th 2014, Google Analytics experienced its greatest development in recent years by giving way to Universal Analytics.

More than just a technical update, the Mountain View firm now offers a web analytics tool that is more flexible than ever and that offers an incredible marketing strength in a market where connectivity is ubiquitous.

5 good reasons to switch to Universal Analytics

  • Merge mobile, application and Web data under one interface
  • Integrate off Web data to measure the impact of cross campaigns
  • Quickly discover a user’s conversion path through different supports
  • Integrate the Tag Manager tool more easily
  • Bring to light a maximum of information such demographic data, events, personalized variables, personalized metrics, etc.

To better understand a visitor’s journey on the different platforms is a way to better orient your global strategy in sales, communications and marketing. It is also a way to measure the efforts and means needed to convert the visitor into a potential customer.

Our Web performance experts here at Parkour3 can guide you through this technological migration by helping you install, configure and understand Universal Analytics.

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