A new reference for dog lovers

April 29, 2013

It was last week that the new Paw Club website was launched as an initiative of Zoetis, the animal health division of Pfizer. Focusing on owners and dog lovers, the website offers an access to multiple advices on their nutrition, training and health. In addition to its module that helps choosing a dog based on tailored characteristics, it also sets forth Expert Answers sections that help visitors get a veterinarian’s advice on multiple subjects regarding their pet. The goal of Paw Club being to become the reference in the dog field, it offers an access to a real community powered by rich content and a possibility, for the visitor, to create a profile to discuss, exchange and learn more about every dog breed.

In the first phase, a micro site was created by K3 to promote the initiative and to launch the registration process. Besides executing the entire website production K3 also integrated social media to this technological project by creating a Facebook page that offers the Paw Club community a way to exchange content and pictures on a daily basis. Discover the final result by visiting

A new reference for dog lovers