A new website for Quo Vadis Canada

September 23, 2014

To increase the overall performance of its e-commerce platform, Quo Vadis International Ltd wanted to make its complete overhaul. The objective of this project: ensure the technological sustainability of the site and increase the traffic level by optimizing the visibility and user experience.

Parkour3 first launched its Projection phase by achieving a strategic plan. It includes a definition of the digital ecosystem of the brand, the creation of personas and the experience sought by each and the definition of a web performance strategy.

The new e-commerce website now uses responsive design to adapt itself to different screen sizes and offers two distinct types of payment according to the needs of visitors. The user experience has also been reviewed by completely redesigning the catalog through a new product presentation approach. The different articles have been renamed to simplify the researches and optimize the SEO. As for the collections, they are now highlighted.

Visit the new Quo Vadis Canada website on your mobile, tablet or computer:
A new website for Quo Vadis Canada