Develop your keyboard skills thanks to Typing Pal

June 11, 2013

Druide informatique is a company specializing in the design and marketing of software mostly known for the famous writing assistance software Antidote. As part of Druide’s plan to redesign its multiple websites, K3 Media was glad to create a new version of Typing Pal’s website, the popular keyboard mastering software.

Typing Pal offers a stimulating environment to learn keyboard skills through a personalized approach designed for both beginners and experts. The new website helps visitors discover all the Typing Pal products and includes a direct access to the online store created by Druide. A complete support service including an FAQ was also created.

Enjoy Typing Pal’s quick and simple method and become a keyboard master! Visit to discover Druide’s multiple keyboard skills products.

Develop your keyboard skills thanks to Typing Pal