Perfect for sheltering-in-place, launch of the "Partners in Design" content experience dedicated to Good Design

April 29, 2020

With the closure of museums across North America, it is becoming increasingly important to provide resources for discovering arts and design while sheltering-in-place.

In partnership with the Stewart Program for Modern Design, which encourages scientific research in the fields of design and the decorative arts through conservation projects, exhibitions, publications, websites and films, Toast has created the virtual exhibition "Partners in Design." (

This online platform extends the reach of the initial exhibition presented in 2016 in Canada, the United States and Germany. Through this major project, the public has the opportunity to learn about the principles of Good Design.

With "Partners in Design," the content experience now expands the scope of the initial exhibition by placing even greater emphasis on what constitutes good design and its role in everyday life, making these principles accessible to a broad global audience.
Visitors will have the opportunity to understand, discover and explore places, objects and the fundamentals of design.

Among its features, an interactive map of Canada allows visitors to discover some one hundred buildings, inside and outside, public spaces and many objects from yesterday and today that are anchored in our habits. There are also video interviews with several leading Canadian designers and an interactive design quiz.

The platform was developed with the support of the Virtual Exhibits Investment Program, Virtual Museum of Canada and also relied on the collaboration of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which made available their comprehensive Stewart collection of design.

"This project required a considerable effort from the various teams involved. It was a major challenge to find the right architecture and content experience to integrate a hundred or so locations and dozens of objects available in high resolution and 360-degree images," said Alexandre Gravel, co-founder of Toast. "It was crucial for us to build an experience that would combine the pleasure of navigating through such a large amount of content, while allowing learning and awareness of the concepts of Good Design. »

The production and interactive programming was carried out by Parkour3.

"Our objective was to make the interactive experience as rich as possible, while ensuring that all accessibility standards were met in order to make the final experience available to the greatest number of Canadians," adds Mathieu Bélanger, President at Parkour3.
Offered in both official languages, translation and proofreading were provided by Espresso Communication.