Founder of Mighty Jungle and Strategist, Mark Pollard is sharing in a 45 minutes video called “skillshare” his approach of understanding and building a brand strategy. 

Though his various experiences Mark Pollard has become an expert in terms of brand strategies. Within his company Mighty Jungle, Mark helps brands conduct strategies to help them grow, through research, coaching and strategy. 

Mark Pollard developed an inspiring model dedicated to marketing specialists and agencies. His approach tends to help businesses understand their target, which is the first step for a company wishing to last in time. You will find in this article great tools by Mark Pollard to help you build a brand that fit your values.

Where’s my business? 

Mark puts brands into three categories: product-centric, customer-centric and vision-centric. A product-centric company focused on the products it brings to the market rather than the customers that buy the products. The brand’s strategy is to create the best product

A customer-centric company focuses on putting the customers at the core of its business. It means offering the best experience from the awareness stage; through the purchasing process and after the purchasing process. The brand’s strategy is to create the best solution for the customer. Amazon is an example of a customer-centric company.

With a vision-centric brand, you want to bring your special vision to life. Mark asks: “What do you know that your customers don’t that will change their life?”

Mark shows us -with clear drawings- that successful brands tend to mix the 3 visions. But he makes us realize that the vision-centric type of brands continually outperform the rest. He explains how to reach that model and how a company can benefit from this approach. The purpose is to make your product or service well positioned according to your customers’ needs. 

The Pyramid of Advantage

The Pyramid of Advantage of Mark Pollard

One interesting point Mark highlights  is “The Pyramid of Advantage” and how to prioritize your brand’s attributes: functional attributes, emotional attributes, etc. Brand attributes represents the essence of the brand.

As a business, knowing your brand attributes will help you make smarter decisions, focus your marketing efforts in the right place to reach your audience with the right message and offer the right product or services. 

Your Personas 

“Who is your ideal customer that will bring value to your company?”

This is probably not the first time – and not the last time – you hear about the importance of Buyer Persona. A Buyer Persona is fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and the information you already have about your current customers. Creating and understanding your Personas is essential because they represent the center of your target.

Understanding the elements your target needs to make a buying decision is important. It will help you with your marketing efforts, such as blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, etc… basically all the content you want to create. When you are directly talking to your ideal customers, they feel like you “get” them, and this is part of your strategy to attract new customers. 

Mark Pollard skillshare video is a guide full of tools to build the successful brand you want. Always keep in mind that people are more attracted to brand that speaks to them.

Plenty of Buyer Persona guides and templates are available online. Check out the ones from Hubspot

Mark Pollard’s strategy method: How to make your brand shine?

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