White Paper: 3 tourism trends for 2018

May 03, 2018

Inspired by the success of our first White Paper, we recently decided to offer a new edition, entitled “3 tourism trends for 2018”, to professionals in the industry.

What is the point of a White Paper on tourism trends?

We have the opportunity to contribute to the digital transformation of several large organizations, particularly in the tourism sector. We, therefore, have a front-seat view of this industry sector that reinvents itself continuously. That made us want to have a second run at putting all of our analyses, observations, and investigations together in the form of a White Paper.

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Trend # 1: Artificial intelligence will continue to benefit the tourism industry

We live in an era in which artificial intelligence is gaining ground at a tremendous speed. It infiltrates the world of a growing number of brands at an increasingly high-performing level, allowing their customers to live an experience that is fuller and more real than life.

Moreover, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is finding its way to company leaders and decision-makers. A Business Insider article recently revealed that out of a population of 3,500 interviewed marketing leaders, 51% confirmed that artificial intelligence occupies a place in their daily lives.

For companies that know how to capitalize on this and integrate it into their strategy, this may become very profitable. “Destination Orlando”, for instance, uses IBM Watson artificial intelligence to enhance the experience of customers that plan their trip on line.

Trend # 2: Brands are increasingly embracing content marketing

Generating sales is no longer a matter of simply promoting a product or a service. Content marketing dictates new rules brands are sticking to and not detracting from.

To attract, recruit, and win over customers, you have to spark their interest. Generating and regularly distributing quality content usually does the trick. To maximize its chances for success, a brand, therefore, stands to gain by positioning itself as an expert in its field. Customers will automatically be inclined to turn to them for their informational needs and end up buying from them. This is true for many sectors, particularly the tourism industry.

Brands that put this to effective use are also very successful commercially because apart from saving money on marketing, they realize attractive profits as well. In fact, according to the infographic A Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing, content marketing is believed to be 62% less expensive than the traditional communication methods. This study also shows that it could potentially triple the number of prospective customers!

Trend # 3: An improved customer experience will become an absolute must for tourism brands

The times when customers settled for buying without asking questions are definitely a thing of the past. These days, brands have to forge a far closer emotional connection with their customers for a transaction to take place. That is why the experience provided is so important.

According to some studies, including an article of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Quebec, 55% of consumers would be willing to pay more for a product in exchange for an exceptional service.

This clearly illustrates how much customers value the experience they are provided during the buying process. And this experience has a perfectly valid place in a sector like the tourism industry. Brands like Lufthansa have understood this perfectly well! That is exactly what we explain in the White Paper.

In 2018: Offering an interactive, content-rich experience

This thinking exercise made us realize once again how much the modern traveler needs relevant information. It also confirmed to us that technology, particularly learning technology (AI), is an extremely effective tool to respond to the needs of customers.

To find out about all specific cases, statistics, expert quotes, as well as practical advice to apply to your everyday life, we invite you to download your free copy now

White Paper: 3 tourism trends for 2018